[Epiphany] Re: [Galeon-devel] RE: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!

Considering that Mozilla today do use native GTK widgets when drawing
webpages I doubt this is the case. What you must have read probably
refered to the GUI itself, and one definite reason that Mozilla didn't
go with GTK+ way back was that GTK+ at that point was pretty much Unix
only. Today I would guess that going GTK+ for the GUI would have been a
more tempting solution, but considering that their XUL stuff is already
developed and usable I can understand that they want to keep using it.

Speaking for myself I couldn't care less what GUI's Mozilla are planing
to develop, I am just happy I will have something smaller for use in
Galeon and Epiphany.


On Sat, 2003-04-05 at 09:01, Julien Olivier wrote:
> > But you forget that mozilla is still working on Camino, with a native
> > interface, and that one of the advantages of galeon is that it uses a
> > faster toolkit than XUL or whatever it is named.
> > 
> I agree for the problem of speed. That's true that native widgets are
> faster but I also read somewhere (sorry, I can't find it anymore) that
> Mozilla doesn't use GTK for very good reasons (GTK can't draw somethings
> that are needed to make Mozilla a fully W3C compliant browser). So, if
> Galeon/Epiphany are native browsers, how do they solve those problems ?
> Or do they still use XUL for the rendering and GTK only for the GUI
> around it ?
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