Re: [Epiphany] Using GNOME resources?

> > That said I'm not against it ... Prolly we should wait some time to see
> > how the project goes, and then get a decision.
> Perhaps. I'm afraid though that it being seperated from other GNOME
> development at the moment only makes cross-development more difficult.
> I'm not a coder myself, I only do translations, but I would be happy to
> help with setting up Epiphany with the GNOME Translation Project so that
> GNOME translators can help translating it, and help improving it that
> way. Currently it would be very difficult for me to do that though,
> since it uses a totally different cvs.

Ok, I guess you convinced me ;) I'll see what I need to do to get it in
gnome cvs in the next days.


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