Re: [Epiphany] Using GNOME resources?

lör 2002-12-28 klockan 17.08 skrev Marco Pesenti Gritti:
> > Are there any plans on using GNOME resources? If Epiphany is planned to
> > be a GNOME web browser and tightly integrated with GNOME at some point,
> > it would probably ease such development a lot if it used the same
> > resources (cvs, bugzilla) as the rest of GNOME, and help
> > cross-contribution by other GNOME developers.
> > Are there any such plans to use the GNOME resources?
> Hey Christian,
> when I choosed to use mozdev it was for two reasons:
> 1 I'm not really sure how far the project will go. I'd not like to waste
> Gnome resources in a not worth way.

I'm not sure why Epiphany wouldn't be "worthy". There are a lot of
software in GNOME cvs, and all of them have been worthy. Also, your
maintainership of Galeon in the past has proved your skills enough, I
would think. (Hint: That's an understatement :)

> 2 The Gnome browser of choice atm appear to be Galeon. I'm not sure if
> it would be good to have two browsers projects in gnome cvs.

Galeon isn't a part of GNOME core. At the same time, there is a most
notable demand for a browser in GNOME core, but the future direction of
Galeon wrt GNOME is unclear at the moment, and my gut feeling tells me
that Galeon will never become a part of GNOME core as long as the
situation stays that way. The plans and the future direction is much
more important than what's used by most people at the moment. The last
part may even be totally irrelevant.

Also, there are countless examples of different pieces of software of
the same category in GNOME cvs already. There is gmc and Nautilus on one
hand, and gtkhtml and gtkhtml2 on the other hand, and so on. Those are
only the examples I could take off the top of my head. CVS is a breeding
ground, there may very well be room for several projects of the same
kind at the same point in time. The only restriction I know of for "we
may only have one type of application of this kind" is in the inclusion
rules for GNOME core. So while there may never be two different browsers
included in GNOME core (currently there is none) at the same time, no
such restrictions apply to cvs, afaik. If the project uses GNOME and the
maintainers want to work towards an inclusion in GNOME and it fills a
need, then it passes all criteria for cvs inclusion that I know of.

> That said I'm not against it ... Prolly we should wait some time to see
> how the project goes, and then get a decision.

Perhaps. I'm afraid though that it being seperated from other GNOME
development at the moment only makes cross-development more difficult.
I'm not a coder myself, I only do translations, but I would be happy to
help with setting up Epiphany with the GNOME Translation Project so that
GNOME translators can help translating it, and help improving it that
way. Currently it would be very difficult for me to do that though,
since it uses a totally different cvs.


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