Re: [Epiphany] Using GNOME resources?

On Sat, 2002-12-28 at 01:12, Christian Rose wrote:
> Are there any plans on using GNOME resources? If Epiphany is planned to
> be a GNOME web browser and tightly integrated with GNOME at some point,
> it would probably ease such development a lot if it used the same
> resources (cvs, bugzilla) as the rest of GNOME, and help
> cross-contribution by other GNOME developers.
> Are there any such plans to use the GNOME resources?

Hey Christian,

when I choosed to use mozdev it was for two reasons:

1 I'm not really sure how far the project will go. I'd not like to waste
Gnome resources in a not worth way.
2 The Gnome browser of choice atm appear to be Galeon. I'm not sure if
it would be good to have two browsers projects in gnome cvs.

That said I'm not against it ... Prolly we should wait some time to see
how the project goes, and then get a decision.



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