Re: Embedded EoG widget

El mar, 13-10-2009 a las 23:29 -0500, Matthew Barnes escribió:
> Scanning the list archives, I believe Eye of GNOME once shipped a
> library for embedding its functionality into applications via Bonobo.
> Has there been any thought given to bringing this back in the form of a
> library of image viewing widgets that applications can embed?  I'm
> thinking of something similar to what Evince has done with libevview.
> For me this would be really handy to use for showing image attachments
> in Evolution, providing a consistent way to rotate and scale the image.
> I know Evolution could just steal code from Eye of GNOME to get this,
> but we're stuck with too much foreign (and now ancient) code already.

Have you considered GtkImageView? It is a very nice widget for image


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