Documentation and Webpage updates for 2.20

Hei EOG lovers!

We are really, really close to the 2.20 release. Unfortunately, we've
neglected to update both the documentation for 2.20 and the webpage.

As you probably know, with the rewrite of EOG, there are many changes in
EOG which may require (probably heavy) updates in the documentation. If
you are familiar with documentation writing or would like to learn about
it, please tell us and go on. We need to get this in as soon as possible
(with hard deadline next Monday), so please, go, document, generate a
patch, and file a bug with your changes. We'd love it.

Regarding the webpage, one of the most important things we need to
update are the screenshots, though screenshots for some of the new
features would also be cool (the properties dialog, the "open with.."
feature, and the "image setting" in the print dialog, I think). If you
have a directory with lovely pictures which make eog look even more
sweet than it is already, don't hold on! go and update the screenshots
currently in the webpage!

So, right now your EOG team would love to count with your help in this.
Can you give us a hand? :-)



Claudio Saavedra  <csaavedra alumnos utalca cl>

D�del Software Libre, Curic�

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