Re: [Ekiga-list] how to put server address in all calls ?

On 21/05/15 02:52, Cesar Souza wrote:
Hi, folks

Here at our company there is a SIP server at
I am trying to call an internal phone, lets say 201, so I press 201 and
Ekiga starts to call sip:201
But this doesn't work! Ekiga should put our server address in the end:
sip:201 192 168 1 42 (this works)

I have just one account (our server)
So how can I set Ekiga to allways put the server address ?

The strange thing is that if I go to the history calls and click on
sip:201, it starts to call the full address: sip:201 192 168 1 42

Currently, the host part is mandatory when calling. When you press 201, the URL edit box shows a popup where you can choose the registrar ( in your case), and you can choose it. Do you see it? Isn't this sufficient for you?


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