Re: [Ekiga-list] STUN server "" replies Blocked, external IP

On 03/04/15 17:08, mdbug wrote:

On 04/03/2015 10:10 AM, John Talbut wrote:

I had checked and have rechecked my router and ports 3478 - 3479 are
allowed.  Also I can successfully ping and run traceroute to

I would suggest running a VOIP port check.
Change _registar to your sip provider in the attached script and see
what happens.

Do read third paragraph of header for needed applications.

Thanks for that suggestion. I changed _registar to "" and I have run the test with various results. The first time I tried it this morning all the LAN ports passed and all the WAN ports failed.

Subsequently when I run the test I get one or more of the LAN ports failing, but different ones each time.

My /etc/hosts.(allow | deny) files have no entries, everything in them is commented out. I do not have iptables installed. My router appears to be set up in accordance with and has not been changed since Ekiga was working for me.

Like ael I am on debian-testing and regularly update.


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