[Ekiga-list] STUN server "stun.ekiga.net" replies Blocked, external IP

I am getting the "Ekiga did not manage to configure your network settings automatically" message. I have followed the instructions and checked my router settings, which seem correct (I think I have used Ekiga before without this problem).

Using the command: ekiga -d 4 2>&1 | grep STUN
I get:

2015/04/03 15:02:04.701 0:02.756 Ekiga Started STUN detector 2015/04/03 15:02:07.171 0:05.226 StunDetector:0xad47db40 STUN No response to STUN server 2015/04/03 15:02:07.172 0:05.226 StunDetector:0xad47db40 OPAL STUN server "stun.ekiga.net" replies Blocked, external IP 2015/04/03 15:02:08.556 0:06.610 Housekeeper:0xad8dab40 Ekiga Stopped STUN detector 2015/04/03 15:02:11.091 0:09.146 subscriber:0xaac14b40 STUN STUN server unexpectedly went offline getting external address.

If the STUN server is replying to then I imagine that the router would block it since this is just a loopback address.

Any suggestions about what is wrong.


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