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I just read the thread this morning :
  1. No trouble using Linphone or Ekiga with any version of Asterisk. I use it. Conf seems OK but check your user is well registered and have the right properties.
  2. ffmpeg or libav: I had this problem. See ekiga-devel mailing list archive
    On 17/09/13 11:08, Thierry Simonnet wrote:
    There is also a big problem with libav (for linux). Debian provides a standard
    stripped libav . To have symbols, it is necessary to install debug packages.
    There is also troubles with deprecated functions and then the dyna mecnism
    doesn't work. This implies that it is impossible to use opal codecs.
    I use the last version of libx264 and ffmpeg with an unstable version of Slackware. I have too much trouble with libav and  opal/ptlib when compiling on my slackware platform. It is necessay to patch a little bit opal (changing some Codec_ID by AVCOdec_id .... adding some missing CODEC_FLAG_H263P..). avcodec_init error is not important because this call was useless. I checked your log and found nothing. Check your environnement : it is mandatory to have only one version of ffmpeg or libav. If you compile ffmpeg, use ./configure <your flags> --enable-libx264 --disable-stripping for dyna (dlopen dlsym..)

Le 24/03/2014 10:11, David Woodfall a écrit :
On (24/03/14 09:37), Eugen Dedu <Eugen Dedu pu-pm univ-fcomte fr> put forth the proposition:
On 24/03/14 09:33, Damien Sandras wrote:
Le 23/03/14 19:13, David Woodfall a écrit :
On (23/03/14 17:52), Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com> put forth the
Le 23/03/14 14:37, David Woodfall a écrit :
What Asterisk are you running? Is it a default distro like FreePBX? There
are some configs to check, but they are mush easier using the freePBX GUI.

But apart from my asterisk server I only get video on's echo
tester with h261 too.

If it helps any, these are the output of -d 4. The first is using h261
and the second is h263. I rang the echo line then hungup


You should report a bug to your distribution maintainer. Things are badly

2014/03/23 13:31:34.472 0:05.195 Pool:0x7f799496d700 H263+ Successfully
loaded ''

2014/03/23 13:31:34.472 0:05.195 Pool:0x7f799496d700 H263+ Successfully
loaded ''

2014/03/23 13:31:34.472 0:05.195 Pool:0x7f799496d700 H263+ Error linking
function avcodec_init, error=/usr/lib64/ undefined symbol:

2014/03/23 13:31:34.472 0:05.195 Pool:0x7f799496d700 H.263-RFC2190 Encoder

My guess would be that it links to a different libavcodec library than the
one whose headers were used to compile things.

I've just recompiled both Opal and Ekiga and get the same error.

There's no way that it's compiled against a different version. Is
there a recommended ffmpeg version to use?

Currently, I have version 2.1.4.

Have you seen this?:

I will have to patch Opal by the look of it.

If the compilation succeeded, that means that avcodec_init was present in your
If it fails at runtime, that means that the library you are linking to does not
contain that method.

=> your headers and libraries are different, believe me

Perhaps you have ffmpeg/libav installed from your distribution, and you also installed it manually?  During compilation, one of them is used, and during execution the other gets used.

Slackware doesn't have ffmpeg in it's stock repo. But like I said I
rebuilt both Opal and Ekiga from what I had installed, and there is
only one version installed.

Also, do you use ffmpeg or libav?

ffmpeg. I did try libav just now but Opal wouldn't build against it.

I notice that plugins/video/common/dyna.cxx for example uses
avcodec_open() when since ffmpeg-1.x avcodec_open2() is used. There
are similar problems with avcodec_alloc_context /
avcodec_alloc_context3. This looks like a big upstream mess to me.

I am going to downgrade to ffmpeg 0.11.5 if I can fix the doc bugs.


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