Re: [Ekiga-list] No video with anything other than h261

On (23/03/14 13:53), Kevin Wilson <kevin digitalarchitects co za> put forth the proposition:
What Asterisk are you running? Is it a default distro like FreePBX? There
are some configs to check, but they are mush easier using the freePBX GUI.

I'm using asterisk 11.8.1 on Slackware 14.1

According to all the info I could find it's setup ok. I've been using
it for some years as a voip relay for my home phone and have just
started delving into video conferencing.

But apart from my asterisk server I only get video on's echo
tester with h261 too.

I don't really know where else to test it.


On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 4:35 AM, David Woodfall <dave dawoodfall net> wrote:

My asterisk server is setup like:


But if I try to use any other video codec than h261 in Ekiga I get no
Only h261 seems to work.

I have checked in Opal ./configure and H.263-H.264 are all 'Yes'.

Asterisk reports:

core show codecs

 200001 video     h261 (H.261 Video)
 200002 video     h263 (H.263 Video)
 200003 video    h263p (H.263+ Video)
 200004 video     h264 (H.264 Video)

So I'm unsure of where the problem is. My asterisk box is on the LAN with
Ekiga box. There is no firewall on the Ekiga box, but the server is DMZ, if
that makes a difference? (I would have thought that that would matter if
server was on a different subnet?)

Any ideas what to check?


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