Re: [Ekiga-list] Cannot Register From Particular Computer

On 21/03/14 00:39, Porcelain Mouse wrote:
Dear Ekiga Users List,

I short while after I got my Ekiga SIP account and tested it, I started
to get registration errors on my main computer (Linux).  It seems to
work okay from a netbook (also Linux) I have even when it's on the same
network using the same account.  I haven't use it very often, but I
would like to use it more now and the problem has persisted for the past
year or so. If something changed on my main computer that caused it, I
don't know what it was.

Recently, I tried using jitsi and, while jitsi registered an IPTEL
account, it would not register the Ekiga account.  Ekiga, on the other
hand, cannot register the IPTEL account, either.

Seems like I should be able to figure it out, but I've been over the
configurations many times and it's not apparent if I'm doing anything

Below is '-d 4' output from Ekiga, but I've already passed it through
the ekiga-debug-analyzer script and redacted a few tidbits.  Can anyone
help me figure this out?

  ========================   0:02.318 subscriber...052c0cf700 SIP
Sending PDU (585 bytes) to:

The address above is a private IP address, and will not work with an account. This appears surely because you have checked off the Enable network detection in Preferences. Check it on and restart ekiga.


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