Re: [Ekiga-list] Unable to register - 606 Not Acceptable error

On 08/03/13 11:15, Valentina Manea wrote:

Sorry to reply so late but I wasn't able to test in the network where
it works these weeks. However, now I have full results using Ekiga
master, lastest plib and opal.

My NAT, still received "Not Acceptable":
- output with %limit:
- output without %limit:

I need a bit of time to analyse them. It seems that in Symmetric NAT case the public IP is not put in Via field. You have opened the ports to your router, as shown at, is that right?

The "good" NAT, where everything works as expected:
- with %limit:
- without %limit:

My guess is that my extremely crappy router does *something* (funny
thing is, on the very same install, in my NAT Ekiga complains about
not finding any audio device). Unfortunately, this prevents me from

I noticed it too:
2013/03/03 17:15:37.164 0:00.195 PCSS Created PC sound system endpoint.
Null Audio

You do have a sound card, isn't it?

What does "aplay -l" show?

actually writing code since I have no means to test it. I will most
likely get a new router.

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