Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga test today

On 16/02/13 04:03, el_gallo_azul wrote:
I just did a test using Ekiga with another noobie Ekiga user. He used Ekiga 4.0 for Windows, and I used Ekiga 
3.2.6 for Linux for the test.

1. I would like to carry out another test with another user of Ekiga 3.2.6. Please respond to me directly if 
you can help.

No need. As already said, 3.2 versions are not maintained, and 4.0 versions are much better.

3. I was only able to see video of myself, and he was only able to see video of himself.

Were an audio AND a video codec shown on the image or at its bottom? We need the debug output (-d 4) from the 4.0 machine to understand what happens.


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