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On 19/02/13 09:26, Genghis Khan wrote:
I answered questions 1 and 3. Question 2 remain empty.

On Mon, 18 Feb 2013 15:57:36 -0800 (PST)
el_gallo_azul<el_gallo_azul yahoo com>  wrote:

After thinking about it, I realised yesterday that what I said might
have given the impression that I don't know what I'm talking about,
which is kind of true.

I have three SIP accounts:

1. An account
I set this up a long time ago because I wanted to find an alternative
to Skype, and this looked like the best way to get my feet wet.

2. A diamondcard account
I got this originally so that I could call SIP-->phone to my Auntie
in another country

3. A SIP account with my ISP
This one replaced my POTS landline a year or so ago. It is a SIP
account which enables my landline number to function the same as my
old POTS number.

I have the following questions:

Very good questions! I will put them in the manual. Here are my answers, I am not 100% sure about them.

1. Can any SIP account establish a connection with any other SIP

It depends, if a provider is blocking SIP traffic only to its domain
then communications of this provider will be only within its domain.

Indeed. So in theory yes, all SIP accounts are "equivalent", but in practice you can have registrars blocking other SIP addresses. Also, some registrars allow only audio, e.g. diamondcard if I am not wrong.

e.g. Facebook and WhatsApp are both using Jabber/XMPP (which is usually
opened to other domains like SIP) for their communications, but both
restrict their communications merely for their domain names.

2. What is the nature of the obstacles in the way of this? For
example, some registrars not being able to establish connections with
others, commercial 'gateways', etc.

See previous answer. Other obstacles are particular configuration of some registrars, for ex. refuses private IP addresses in Via field during registration.

3. Is more than one SIP account in my e-mail signature redundant
(assuming all three registrars are working)?

IMHO, Maybe you need to add, near Diamondcard, a number to call you
back from land-line, if there is.

Maybe some are redundant, but not all. For ex., I have freephonie (like diamondcard) and I can configure it to call my phone instead of ekiga. This is not possible with for ex.


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