Re: [Ekiga-list] Connecting to through Jitsi

Be aware that an Ekiga SIP account (a free one) can only be used to connect to another account.

You should certainly be able to carry out an echo test though.

Have you seen any evidence that the account is registering properly?
Greg Flint

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De: Eric Jackson <eric_in_spain ymail com>
Para: ekiga-list gnome org
Enviado: Lunes 18 de febrero de 2013 18:03
Asunto: [Ekiga-list] Connecting to through Jitsi

I have just installed Jitsi & set up a sip address at, but am unable to connect.  When I try to go online, or even attempt an echo test I receive the following message:

"Connection failed for the following account: User name eric_in_spain, Server name"

What am I doing incorrectly, or failing to do in the first place?

Eric Jackson
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