[Ekiga-list] area code problem

1.   Isn't it somewhat of a security risk to post the entire log file to a mailing list? This kind of telephone logfile seems like it might contain sensitive information like my diamondcard account number.

2.   It seems strange that I automatically get this message:

'sip:xxxxxx sip diamondcard us' subscribing to presence of 'sip:001818xxxxxxx'

 I do see other messages like 'sip:username ekiga net' subscribing to presence of 'sip:0018555095253', but this is understandable since 855 is a toll free number.

sip:001818xxxxxxx is not the number of an 855 or 877 number (presumably used by ekiga or diamondcard as a utility to route calls), but an 818 number of a friend in California.

There are no other instances of this kind of thing on the log file. So that is a little disturbing.

3.  The main problem that I have had with ekiga (besides not being able to get through to the 518 area code) is that callers on the other end sometimes complain of an echo. When I do the echotest callback in Ekiga, I sound fine. And generally, I hear other people very clearly on my end. But several people have complained of a distracting echo on the other end. 

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