Re: [Ekiga-list] Start Minimised?

On 08/02/13 14:13, Pedro C. Peres wrote:

Hello Eugen,
Ekiga works for me with version 4, formerly I could not get it to register, Nice work.
I was searching the forums for how to remove the picture in picture when in full screen mode and noticed that
it was not currently a feature. I would vote to include that feature in future releases.

What precisely do you want? Do you want to have two fullscreen modes: pip and remote screen?

In my work environment, the information infrastructure will not allow the port forwarding necessary to make h.323 or sip calls. The network does however pass video traffic via http I'm guessing to and from the Cisco Webex service. I'm wondering if you know of any service providers that would translate the one form of traffic to the other in order to facilitate communication between my endpoint and the h.323 world.

I do not know, maybe someone else on this list does.


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