Re: [Ekiga-list] expat support for ptlib

On 11/30/2012 11:46 AM, Sreenivas Gunturi expounded in part:
As suggested I checked for duplicate ptlib ( using synaptic package manager).  For some strange reason it is showing only libpt2.10.4 and libpt-dev as installed.  There is no ptlib-2.10.9 according to synaptic.  It is as though the entire install I did of ptlib 2.10.9 vanished!  So I repeated the ptlib2.10.9 again just now using the following steps:
1. downloaded ptlib-2.10.9.tar.xz from ekiga site
2.  extracted to get the folder ptlib-2.10.9
3.  opened terminal; cd to folder ptlib-2.10.9
4.  ./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install
5.  all the steps seem to have gone without any error (at least none that I could see).
6.  Checked again using synaptic.  Lo and behold it still shows only libpt2.10.4 and libpt-dev as installed!No sign of 2.10.9 anywhere!

What am I doing wrong?
You aren't doing anything wrong, but installing with make has no effect on your distro's package manager.  For synaptic to know about your install, you would need to create a deb package and install it with apt-get or synaptic.

If you download the source for the existing deb package, you can probably just update a few versions, put the source tars in the right place, and rebuild to get the updated package.  At least, I usually have success doing that with RPM packages for Fedora.

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