[Ekiga-list] expat support for ptlib


I am trying to install ekiga 4.0 from sources on mint linux.  I downloaded all the stable versions.  I then compiled ptlib first followed by opal and am now trying to configure ekiga. 

I am getting stuck on the following error:
"checking for PTLIB support for expat... no
configure: error: you need ptlib expat support to compile ekiga"

I used grep as follows to check:
"grep -i expat /usr/lib/pkgconfig/ptlib.pc"

grep returned lot of stuff but mainly it showed:
Libs.private: -lexpat

I take the above to mean that the ptlib was compiled with expat support.  I could be wrong but this is the limit of my knowledge.  Someone please help!

PS:  I tried to post this with a screenshot but I was exceeding the 40kb limit; so my post was not getting in. 

- sreenivas

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