Re: [Ekiga-list] Could not register (Remote party host is offline)

On 11/04/2012 01:10 PM, Eugen Dedu expounded in part:
On 04/11/12 19:07, Kevin Safford wrote:

I can't get ekiga to work on Linux Mint 13 64-bit, running Mate. I get
"Could not register (Remote party host is offline)". In response to a

There is a problem currently with, it is impossible to register. Please be patient until the server is restarted...

I get this problem with any VOIP account, not just It started happening with ekiga-3.9. I found a workaround:

1) When you first start ekiga, it gets the "offline" error for all VOIP accounts.
2) Edit Preferences, and toggle "detect network".
3) Quit ekiga (don't just close the window)
4) Start ekiga, toggle "detect network" back to where it needs to be for your accounts.
5) Quit ekiga again, and restart.
6) Voila!  All VOIP accounts connect and register (locked because I accidentally left account creds in debug log...)

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