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I use ekiga with different videoconferencing systems : Polycom and Tandberg
You can use h323 or sip depending on VC system configuration. If you don't have video, you need to check codecs capabilities. Try to select only h261 first on your ekiga client. Then try h263, h263+ and h264. Make tests using only one codec.

Le 05/11/2012 10:43, Peter Vandenberghe a écrit :

does anyone have experience with connecting to Polycom HDX systems with Ekiga?
I'm trying to connect to a Polycom HDX 8000.

without account, I was able to call the HDX system via the gatekeeper (8000@192.168.x.x), but not via the direct IP address (192.168.y.y).
Why would this be? I can connect directly in the reverse direction: from the HDX to Ekiga by entering my IP address.

When I connect to the HDX system, I only have voice but no video.
The first times I tried to connect I got an error of the video; now, I don't get any error message (but I still have no video).
The voice part works.

I also tried to register at the CMA. Ekiga says that I'm registered/connected, but I don't get my contact list.

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