Re: [Ekiga-list] Difference between 500 and 520 echoes

>>>>>> Hi.
>>>>>>      Ekiga 3.2.7 at Debian/SID (powerpc).
>>>>>>      When I call 500 at ekiga dot net, I hear silence,
>>>>>>      and in fact, the numbers at the bottom of a window show that
>>>>>>      no audio is received from the server. Video is ok,
>>>>>>      after 20 sec my cam is echoed to me back.
>>>>>>      On the other hand, when I use the 520 at ekiga dot net,
>>>>>>      it returns call to me, and then audio is just fine.
>>>>>>      Other audio echo services (4444 at sip2sip dot info) work fine.
>>>>>>      With Twinkle on the same machine the audio echo from 500 at ekiga is fine.
>>>>>>      What can be the reason that with Ekiga I get no audio echo from 500 ?
>>>>> This is surely a bug.  Could you use in debian the ekiga version from
>>>>> experimental and tell if the problem persists?
>>>> Hi, Eugen.
>>>>     I have built ekiga-snapshot using your script. Exactly the same phenomena
>>>>     persists. It is Debian Sid on PowerPC-32bit (iBook G4). Maybe its
>>>>     endianness matters ?!
>>> It seems yes.  In the past, I used a macbook too.
>>> Please provide a log when calling 500 and does not work.  It never
>>> works, is that right?  Or sometimes yes, sometimes not?
>> I will provide a log at night (currently I have no access).
>> The behaviour is consistent, i.e. it is always as I described above.
>> Creating log is `ekiga-snapshot -d 4 2>  log' ?
> Yes.

  My results are different from what did I initially reported (the location
  of the machine changed?). But nevertheless, here they are

This time I was sitting behind a router (another GNU/Linux box).

EKIGA-SNAPSHOT (20 Mar 2012) and Ekiga3.2.7 behave similarily

1. When port forwarding is set as needed

   both 500 and 520 work. Debug logs for 500 were created.

2. When no port forwarding is done, the results surprised me:
    500 has video echo, but no audio echo (logs created).
    520 succeeds to call back (how?) and audio echo works! (logs

Debug logs can be downloaded from


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