Re: [Ekiga-list] Difference between 500 and 520 echoes

On 21/03/12 17:13, geo cherchetout wrote:
Le 21/03/2012 16:30, *Eugen Dedu* a écrit fort à propos :


Could you increase these values to 5060:65000 for example and retry?


Also, check off all g726* audio codecs.

Not any g726 audio codec whas enabled. Only PCMA, PCMU, Speex and iLBC are.

You are right, sorry. Please check off h263 and mp4v-es video codecs and try again.

In fact, I noticed two strange things in your log:
- your packet is greater than about 1500 bytes, yet it is still received by You are connected via a cable (Ethernet), not wi-fi, is that right? - you do not use 5060 port, but another one, however here it works with another port too, maybe it would be useful to bind to the classical 5060 port (/apps/ekiga/protocols/sip/listen_port)

sip:500 ekiga net works perfectly.

sip:520 ekiga net : A communication with PCMA-H261 codecs seems to be
established and doesn't automatically finishes.

THAT is the problem, I do not know why you do not receive the BYE message from 520. Here it works...


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