[Ekiga-list] Difficulties getting started with Ekiga

My last post in thread 'Difficulties getting started with Ekiga' was treated as spam by yahoo. I could see it in my yahoo spam folder instead of the Input tray.

Don't understand why, so here again are my RESPONSEs only:


    There should be no difference, are you sure you have not done something
    different, for ex. disabling the video on your computer?

    RESPONSE: video not disabled.

    I do not understand something: you say no window appears, still you
    tried echo test?!

    RESPONSE:  yes,  but my phrase  'window appears' is wrong/incomplete, should be 'window content appears' (i.e. the local video data).

    Finally, in ekiga-stderr I see that no video codec is selected, be sure
    to select h261 and theora.  Have you unchecked them?  When you installed
    ekiga, do you remember what you have chosen in Configuration Assistant
    at Connection Type page?

    RESPONSE: I have just redone the Configuration Assistant when Ekiga is invoked from the command line. There are no video codecs to select (no checkboxes), but when running ekiga interactively there are video codec choices and all are ticked.

    I do not have enough time to check the video multi-coloured rectangles,
    especially that there are chances that it got fixed in a version of
    ekiga more recent than your version.

    RESPONSE:  What do I need to do in order to get a more recent BINARY version for Windows XP, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Ubuntu 10.04.03 LTS?

As I told you, you cannot call reliably a computer in the same network
using ...@ekiga.net.

RESPONSE: I don't understand why this is not possible. If it is never going to be possible, what is the work round?

    > 1.  When entering a sip-address from the keyboard I have to click the
    > green handset icon twice in order to start a call. Clicking once
    > should be enough.

    This is very simple to change, but I think other users disagree.

    RESPONSE:  I think the red and green handset icons act like buttons so it would be more natural to click them once.
    Best regards

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