Re: [Ekiga-list] Difficulties getting started with Ekiga

On 18/01/12 19:58, Ken Resander wrote:
I fetched Ekiga 3.2.6 from the Ubuntu Software Centre and downloaded
the latest Windows Ekiga 3.2.7 from internet.

I am considering Ekiga as an alternative to Skype, but I am having
some initial difficulties. I have only just started using Ekiga.

I am testing with a dual-boot desktop PC with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and
Windows XP and a netbook running Ubuntu 10.04.03 LTS.


Linux Skype 2.2 beta work with these computers and Cheese too, so
sound and video are ok.

1. first created a handful of Ekiga SIP addresses from I
then ran the config wizard for both computers using these addresses
and received 'could not register' error messages for both and for all
(I think) SIP addreses. Tried many times and then suddenly after
having created a few more addresses Ekiga worked. I did not and still
do not understand why. I have probably misunderstood how the config
and the sip addresses should be used and the significance of these.

Q1. what are the common explanations of the 'could not register'
error message that might be applicable here?

Hi Ken,

The account window (from Edit menu) shows more information about the error.

The only reason I see that using the same configuration did not work several times and suddenly it worked is a problem with NAT, which is tricky sometimes.

In order to find the cause, we need the debug output when it worked and also when it did not work, to compare them, see

If possible, please use 3.2.7 (or better later) for all that.

On start of Ekiga both computers showed a caption 'Neighbours' in the
Contacts list. When starting the second computer the user-friendly
name of the first showed under its Neighbours caption and the
Neighbours list of the first showed the user-friendly name of the
second. Double clicking the user-friendly name started a call to the
other party and sound and video worked fine.

I then created sip addresses sip:donald duck ekiga com and
sip:minnie mouse ekiga com from I removed all addresses
from the contacts list and assigned to the desktop PC and
minnie.mouse to the netbook using the config wizard. These showed as
registered on each computer.

2.  I then connected by entering user name into the
sip-address field at the top of the Ekiga dialog for the netbook. It
connected but each computer showed the local video, not the video
coming from the remote party. I also tried entering minnie.mouse from
the input field of Ekiga on the desktop PC with same result.

After connecting by entering into the sip field from the
netbook the address field of the desktop PC showed
sip:minnie mouse ekiga com and the netbook still showed
sip:donald duck ekiga com.

However, when connection was established with double-clicking
user-friendly name from netbook the netbook showed
sip:neighbour@meijin-desktop.local:5060 in the sip-address field at
the top and the desktop showed sip:homeaddress-of-netbook@ipaddress.

Q2.  why is the local video shown instead of the remote-party video?

Did audio work?

If you are behind a NAT, you cannot contact a computer behind the same NAT (i.e. in the same network), see

This is because ekiga will make the two clients connect directly, while skype for ex. (however, I am not sure 100%) make them communicate through an intermediate machine, in another network.

Just try calling 500 ekiga net, and if it works, then it should work with other clients too (but, again, not in the same network).

Q3.  quitting Ekiga from one computer causes quit from Ekiga on the
other computer. Is this the intention?

No, this was a bug which got fixed several months ago and is available in ekiga >= 3.3.1 or >=3.3.2.


There is no Neighbours caption in the Contacts list of on
the Windows XP desktop PC. The netbook has a Neighbours caption, but
it does not show the Donald Duck friendly name. There is nothing to
double click, so the only way to connect seems to be to manually
enter the user name into the sip field, but then the problem
described in 2 above occurs (local video instead of remote party
video shows). When connecting from the netbook the netbook's video
shows on the Windows PC, but the video from Windows does not show
(the local netbook video is there instead). Additionally the (local)
video stops almost immediately on the Windows PC.

Unfortunately, showing neighbours is not implemented in Windows, see

As for the other problem, you say that remote video is shown on linux, but not on Windows. For that, we need again the debug output, see This could be

I must get Ekiga to work on a Windows PC since a large majority of my
friends would not want to and could not install Ubuntu. I think all
would be willing to install Ekiga on their Windows PCs though. They
are happy with Skype - from their perspective I am the odd one out
insisting on Ubuntu.

Doesn't calling 500 ekiga net on Windows work?


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