[Ekiga-list] Difficulties getting started with Ekiga

Hi Eugen,

Many thanks for your speedy reply....

I tried once more today Thursday 19 Jan 2012 and found:

Echo mode test works with Ekiga on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (the desktop), Ekiga on Ubuntu 10.04.03 LTS (the netbook) and on Windows XP (dual-booted on desktop).

Video and sound works on both computers when double-clicking Neighbour's friendly name to start a call.

Video does not work when entering sip-address to start call. Sometimes both computers display local video and sometimes it half works with one computer showing remote video and local video inset picture-in-picture and the other showing just the local video. When local video is shown the Local Video radio button is selected in the view menu. When remote video and inset local video show then the Picture-in-picture radio button is selected, but I have also seen local video showing in main and inset pictures when Picture-in-picture radio button is set.


There is no Neighbour to click. Entering sip-address behaves incorrectly as described above. Additionally the local video always freezes on the Windows PC and then it never shows as remote on the netbook when the latter is in Picture-in-picture display mode. I have only one computer with Windows so cannot test windows to windows.

Q1.   could this be a GUI programming error? or is it more likely to be a symptom of something else going wrong?

I noticed the Local Video radio button is selected in the View menu when Ekiga starts. The other radio buttons are greyed/inactive, but when a call has been established sometimes the Picture-in-picture radio button comes up selected.

Q2.  what are the rules for this? How can the user select and control the picture display mode?

I am using the LTS version Ubuntu 10.04.03 and Ubuntu 10.04 which provide Ekiga 3.2.6. Ubuntu 11.04 provides Ekiga 3.2.7 in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Q3.  can you make Ekiga 3.2.7 available in the Software Centre for Ubuntu LTS too?

Best regards

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