Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga HD

On 12/01/12 00:42, Andreas Weisker wrote:
Am 09/01/2011 04:16 PM, schrieb Eugen Dedu:
On 26/08/11 10:42, Majid Sadeghi Alavijeh wrote:
Dear All
Is this possible to Encode and decode 720P ?
what should i do to change it ?

It is not yet possible. I am looking into this currently (with Andreas
W., in CC), I have to do some tests, maybe it will work; in this case
it will appear in the next release.


just a little Ping from me. I'am still here and interested on bringing
HD to Ekiga. Unfortunately i had and still have no time to do any
productive work. My little daughter is consuming nearly all of my
ressources and is heavily interested in discouraging me to get any
sleep. ;-)

The same for me!

As soon this will get better, i resume working on HD.

As far as I noticed, HD works in ekiga (tested with 1024x768 I think), with the small patch you provided. I just need to test a bit more and especially to add only the available resolutions in the combobox in Preferences, video part.


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