Re: [Ekiga-list] Building OPAL with H.263

On 09/22/2011 11:54 AM, Eugen Dedu wrote:

Thanks. Does that mean that for Ekiga 3.3.2 you can just install ffmpeg
> 0.6.2 (rpmfusion packages 0.7-0.3.20110612git, so presumably that is
ok) and Ekiga will just use it directly without needing Opal to provide
H.263+ support?

ekiga 3.3.2 depends on opal 3.10.2 anyway, which works with those codecs.

I'm having some significant problems with Ekiga 3.3.2 on Opal 3.10.2.

1. Opal wouldn't build against ffmpeg-0.7-0.3.20110612git. This appeared to be a problem with a line in mpeg4.cxx:
	m_avpicture->pict_type = 0;
After some googling, the suggested fix appeared to be to add a cast:
	m_avpicture->pict_type = (AVPictureType) 0;
Once I'd done that it built ok.

2. Ekiga 3.3.2 doesn't seem to want to register against my Callweaver server (Ekiga 3.3.0 works fine). I can't really tell if this is Ekiga at fault or Callweaver. I've compared the network traffic between the two Ekigas, and the only thing I can really note is that Ekiga 3.3.0 sends a REGISTER and waits for that to succeed (including extra round-trips for authentication) before doing anything else. Ekiga 3.3.2 sends REGISTER, SUBSCRIBE and PUBLISH packets all at the same time. REGISTER and SUBSCRIBE both have the same sequence number (CSeq=1) - is this allowed? Callweaver appears to respond to 3.3.2's SUBSCRIBE with "489 Bad Event", which it didn't do under 3.3.0.

In any case, there's something completely crazy going on at the Callweaver end because it _does_ return a "200 OK" in response to the register, but doesn't actually record the registration in its peers list. I'm guessing it is getting confused by the SUBSCRIBE packet.

3. The H.264 codec appears to completely ignore the bandwidth limit set in Ekiga's configuration. The limit is set to 300Kbps and (according to the stats in Ekiga's status bar) it was trying to send about 7Mbps (750KB/s). The video I got back from an echo test was completely trashed, but that is quite possibly due to it massively exceeding my ADSL upstream bandwidth and hence dropping most of the traffic.

4. H.263 and H.263-1998 both resulted in me just getting a static image when I dialled an echo test. When I terminated the call, Ekiga bombed with a segfault.

I'll try to make time to do some more debugging next week.


 - Steve

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