Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekgia Not playing Video

That's a very plausible explanation, however 'try rebooting' is not really
a solution. I have experienced this issue ever since I got this machine.

There must either be a hardware incompatability, or some other
part/configuration of Windows7 which is grabbing the overlay before Ekiga
can get to it.

I also CC'ed Shubhanshu as he started this thread and might not be on the

>> Possibly this error message.... which I get on a Dell running Windows7.
>> Simon
> Ok.  Now I see this line in your previous output:
> 2011/09/01 16:26:44.115	  0:33.025	GMVideoOut...nager:2192	DirectX	no
> Overlay Capabilities
> This comes from
> This ressembles to bug
>, without being the same.
> In your case, the problem is what is shows: no Overlay Capabilities, and
> ekiga (at least for the moment) needs this.  Try restarting Windows.
> Also, avoid starting an application using video output.  That is all I
> can say, since I do not know video things too well.
> --
> Eugen

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