[Ekiga-list] Out of Ideas - Troubles with NAT

Hi all.
I have wireless LAN for which i've put port forwarding for
1720 (TCP), 5000-5100 (TCP/UDP), 3478-3749 (UDP).
I've tested that the TCP packets do arrive.

I can receive calls when I'm no wired connection that is not behind NAT, but not with WLAN that is NATed.

I did trace with wireshark on incoming call (wired) and all the ports utilized were in above range that are open and forwarded with NAT connection.

Next I signed out, disconnected cable, connected to WLAN (NAT) and signed in again. Then I made a call from another device, waiting to see what is captured by wireshark.
Answer: Nothing. No incoming packets.

The ports are open, but nothing arrives there. What should I look for next, what is causing the problems of me not receiving calls?

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