[Ekiga-list] Creative Webcam NX not working in Ekiga for Windows?

I can't get my Creative Webcam NX to work in the Windows version of Ekiga 3.2.7
There are three Creative Webcam NX options available in Edit>Preferences>Video>Devices>Input Device
and none of them enable the showing of video in the call panel. The 2 alternative Creative Webcam NX  options cause error messages when they're chosen.

I did a search of the list archive for similar problems and saw it suggested that the user select:
Preferences>Video> V4L2 or V4L
These choices aren't available in the Windows prefs. Nor are there any mentions of V4L2 or V4L in any of the files associated with the application.
Maybe these options only apply to the Linux platform.
Can anyone please tell me how I might fix this, or alternatively can someone recommend a Webcam that will work with the Windows version of Ekiga?
Mike Halmarack

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