Re: [Ekiga-list] Questions about snapshots

Hi Yann,

Sorry for the delay and thank you very much for your involvement in ekiga.

On 06/27/10 08:56, Yann wrote:
Dear all,

I am trying to help by reporting bugs. Yannick advised me to use the
snapshot version.
- Is the snapshot wiki page
( up-to-date ? (last
modification is June 13rd)

Yes, it is up-to-date unfortunately. Snapshots use ekiga master with stable ptlib/opal, and there are a few very important issues which need to be fixed before testing it, see When they get fixed, I will send an e-mail for testing, and testing will be *greatly* appreciated.

- Is the warning "Currently, there are several known regressions with
snapshots, so they are not provided. They will come back once these
regressions are fixed. " true? if yes, when do you think the snapshots
will be ok to be used ?

I do not know. Still I think this is the most urgent thing currently. I plan to work on them probably next week.

- It is written "TODO" for the Ubuntu snapshot installation procedure.
As I use Ubuntu 10.04, is it ok for me to use the Debian snapshot
procedure? or should i wait for the Ubuntu procedure to be created ?

You could try, but I think it does not work since I generate them using debian unstable, which use updated versions of packages, not found in ubuntu 10.04.


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