Re: [Ekiga-list] echo test not clear

On 23/12/10 00:06, Giorgio TOMBOLA wrote:
I'm trying to use Ekiga and I would check my audio that's not working. I
called */500 ekiga net/* and listen the message but I can't understand
what I have to do.

It is an echo; you say something and you receive back your voice, thus you can check if ekiga is working correctly.

Please can you send me the whole text of the message ?
Is it possible to record again the message to make it clear for any
user, non english spoken people included?

I think this is given by asterisk, not ekiga.

This is what I understand. As you can see I miss the most important part
of the message.

... that you're entering echo test.
In this mode everything you'll say will be repeated that you just
??1111?? ??2222?? received.
The purpose of this test is to give you an audible sense of the latency
between you and the machine that's running the echo test application.
You may end the test by any ??333?? or pressing the ??444?? key

See for the message.


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