Re: [Ekiga-list] Theora video freezes on Ekiga 3.2.7 Beta (Windows XP )

On 07 Dec, 2010,at 06:27 PM, Dave Koelmeyer <davekoelmeyer me com> wrote:

Windows is running on a Dell Latitude with a built-in webcam. Theora is the only selected codec.

I have found that a video call can be initiated fine. However, on the Windows machine, if one say waves a hand or makes any substantial movement in front of/very close to the camera, the user at the other end will see the remote video freeze. I can make the system do this at will, simply by gesticulating in front of the camera, no joke. Calls are perfectly stable - as long as one stays very still!

To further illustrate this, here are some screen grabs. In both cases, I have chosen to "hang" the video simply by making a rapid movement in front of the camera:

By comparison I have a Theora-based SIP call running as I type this (on the same Windows machine), and it's been rock solid so far for 7 minutes - simply because I am sitting still in front of the camera...


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