Re: [Ekiga-list] Theora video freezes on Ekiga 3.2.7 Beta (Windows XP )

On 06/12/10 12:32, Dave Koelmeyer wrote:
Hi All,

Wondering if the following is a known issue, perhaps due to the beta status of
Ekiga on Windows?

It is not a known issue. Ekiga Windows is not beta, contrary to what is shown at the Web page...

I am using Ekiga 3.2.7 Beta on Windows XP Home SP3. I place a SIP video call to
another user using Ekiga 3.2.7 on Ubuntu Linux 10.10. For the video codecs,
Theora only is selected at both ends.

Upon the connection being successfully established, I can see remote video fine
(quality is great). However, for the other user, the remote video they see (of
me) either freezes randomly during a call, or, freezes almost immediately upon
answer (the latter seems to occur more often).

The call however remains connected (e.g audio is fine) just that the video as my
other user is seeing of me from their end freezes. The behaviour is consistent.

Using H261 on the other hand works fine in both directions.

Both clients are on ADSL connections, behind home NAT routers. Network
connectivity otherwise is fine.

I notice that the behaviour I'm seeing is similar to that reported here: (although in my case the
client doesn't freeze per se).

Any pointers? If you require a debug output please let me know.

Yes, please send us a debugging file, as shown at

The error from the Web page is:
2009/12/12 09:25:08.356 4:35.378 Media Patch:0x9c856710 Patch Media conversion (primary) failed 2009/12/12 09:25:08.356 4:35.378 Media Patch:0x9c856710 Patch WriteFrame failed 2009/12/12 09:25:08.356 4:35.379 Media Patch:0x9c856710 Patch Thread ended because all sink writes failed failed 2009/12/12 09:25:08.357 4:35.379 Media Patch:0x9c856710 Patch Thread ended for Patch OpalVideoMediaStream-Source-YUV420P -> OpalRTPMediaStream-Sink-theora

but I do not know the reason. The best is to check with the unstable release of ekiga (3.3.0, hoping it will be available in a few days, Windows port included), to see if the bug was fixed in the mean time.


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