Re: [Ekiga-list] ekiga-list Digest, Vol 38, Issue 15

Hi Bret
Yes they are mutually exclusive,Ekiga is open, skype is closed and guarded.
You won't need a headset if you have a usb mic and speakers.

I have a small stereo in the output from the computer and that does for everything.
The mic from guitar hero works with Audacity and other inputs but not skype.

Yes I installed using yum in Fedora and it did so seamlesly however it apparently insists on signing up to Diamond card before I can use it, and that is something I don't like, Open source doesn't force one into a position.

There is a tool for converting rpm's to .debs and .deb to rpm, I used it years ago. I think it was called Alien.
Hello, Roger.

I may be wrong, but I understand that Skype and Ekiga are incompatible;
mutually exclusive, and that calls cannot be made between one and the

If I am wrong, hopefully someone from Ekiga will correct me on this.

Because of (my understanding of) the incompatibility between Skype and
Ekiga, I have both now installed, and, accounts set up for each, with
test calls successfully now made to each (Skype is not as easy to get
going - I needed to use a headset, to get sound input working, and the
microphone in my webcam had worked okay with the Ekiga test call).

But, due to the version of Ekiga that is in the Ubuntu 8.04 package
repository, and, the inability to answer calls with that version
(2.0.12), I apparently do not have a working version of Ekiga, and, one
is apparently not easily available for Ubuntu 8.04.

Fedora 11 that you have, may have a 3.x version of Ekiga, in its (RPM ?)
package repository, so you may have better luck with getting that
working, but, as mentioned above, I believe that will still not let you
communicate with Skype clients, for which, I believe, you need to use
Skype, or, otherwise, you need to convince them to switch to (or, to
also use) Ekiga.

Bret Busby
West Australia

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