Re: [Ekiga-list] Cannot unlock Diamondcard account


Sorry for the delay, too many distractions. Thanks for the heads up on the account. Both the Ekiga and Diamondcard accounts were unregistered even though the information apparently was in there. I re-entered the information and in a few seconds after clicking okay, both accounts were registered.

My account was still locked so I sent another email to them. They next day when I checked, the account was unlocked.
Thanks for the tip.

I tried a few calls from my boat on wifi from Mexico to San Diego, CA. I spoke to a friend for a half hour with a nearly perfect connection, no echo, no time delay and only a slight breaking up on my part. The previous connection was to a voice mail, again San Diego, with some echo.

That evening I called the voice mail from a location closer to the router. I talked to my friend I left the voice mail with a fair connection, there was still the echo, a slight delay and moderate breaking up, mostly on my part.

A call to another friend in SD had a poor connection and after a few minutes she was no longer able to hear me. There was a lot of echo and a lot of breaking up on both ends. All calls were to land lines. The connection to the internet here degrades in the evening, sometimes we cannot connect to any websites.

The next morning, late, I called from a wired LAN connection to my companion on the boat. She used my Skype account so that I could call her on my Skype-in number. The connection was good with no breaking up, no appreciable delay, but there was echo on both ends.

I pass this along soly as information to anyone who it may interest. I will reading the mailing list carefully to see if anything comes up that may help me.

I have a Toshiba Satellite that has Ubuntu 9.04 where Skype is unusable. I am glad Ekiga is working well enough to be able to use.


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