[Ekiga-list] Query regarding video in ekiga using openmcu

       I am trying to use ekiga to make multi video conference: 3/4 users that can see each others, talk in a common chat, etc. I compiled openmcu 2.2.1 on linux ( Fedora 11 ) and connected 3 end points ( ekiga 3.2.6 ) in a single conference. I can send/recieve audio properly but no video. I am using logitech and intex webcams as video devices. I can see the local video but when I select remote video, I get OpenMCU logo. My ekiga end points are Ubuntu 9.04 ( ekiga 3.2.0), Windows XP and Fedora 11 respectively. Sometimes it also happens that I see a black screen for local video as well.
Is Ekiga able to show the different participants if more than 2 ?

 I am executing openmcu using the command
openmcu -xc
and then set the parameters and check status on
Testing is being carried out in our local LAN. I am not sure as to whether the issue is on ekiga side or openmcu side. Do I need to set any specific OpenMCU configuration parameters ?

Following are some of my current parameters :

Log Level=4
HTTP Certificate=serverbis.pem
HTTP Port=1420
Interface Array Size=0
Enable video=True
Video frame rate=10
Video quality=10
Default room=main
Call log filename=/var/log/openmcu/openmcu.log
Force split screen video=True
Room time limit=0
Connecting WAV File=/home/glider/connecting.wav
Entering WAV File=/home/glider/entering.wav
Leaving WAV File=/home/glider/leaving.wav

when i surf openmcu web admin page i can see the three clients connected. But in ekiga no split-video-window. Each client doesn't see in ekiga the
webcam videos from the other two.The following is the status window of open mcu conference. The third end point in not visible in the below given log as I've just disconnected it.  Let me know if you need more details.

 Room Name   Room Members 
 Name   Duration   Codec   RTP Packets/Bytes tx   RTP Packets/Bytes rx   TX Video frame rate/RX Video frame rate 
admin 1:29:40.143 G.711-ALaw-64k/G.711-ALaw-64k
269005/43040800 282525/45204000 10.0004/25.0004
user [] 1:16:24.932 G.711-ALaw-64k/G.711-ALaw-64k
229248/36679680 229257/36681120 10.0001/
Apologies for sending the same query multiple times.

Thanks & Regards,
Sohil Shah

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