Re: [Ekiga-list] no audio/video with counterpart on line

Ennio-Sr wrote:
> Hi all!
> I convinced my son to download ekiga for win$ows a few weeks ago and
> have never since been able to talk/see him using ekiga (no problem with
> skype). Last night I could see he was online, send him messages and receive
> his replays but could not ear or see him, neither could he.
> Of course my web cam was all right (I could see myself) and my audio
> devices were correctly detected by ekiga. Looking at the View sub-panel
> I noticed that 'local video' appeared in bold characters while 'remote
> video' was (as always) grayed out.
> Tests with 'echo test' failed as well so I suspect there might have been
> bigger problems around. However, the 'remote video' has always been
> grayed out in my View panel...

Maybe you are hit by "larger than 1500 bytes packet" bug.  Try calling
500 ekiga net after removing a few unused codecs (for ex., check on only
PCMA, PCMU, H261, all the other checked off).  If still does not work,
send us the -d 4 output gzipped.

On windows machine, does calling 500 work?


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