Re: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga hardware compatibility issues

Hoping I am not wrong in my answers:

Sohil Shah wrote:
> Hi,
> 1) Is it possible to connect any IP camera as the source of video input
> instead of webcam ?

I think not.

> 2) Is it possible to recieve a video stream via RTP/RTSP as source of
> video data ?

I think not.

> 3) What exactly needs to be done if I want to implement (1) and (2) ?

For video input:
- look into ptlib code
- or, better for us, look into the gstreamer code in ekiga

For video stream RTP/RTSP, I think you should look into ptlib and opal

> 4) I am getting the below given error in open MCU. Can someone please
> suggest some work around for the same ?
> [root EICPU1065 ~]# openmcu -c -n -d --video -u sohil --defaultroom
> sohilshah
> All output for OpenMCU is to console.
> 2009/10/23 19:08:55.773                    OpenMCU    Message   
> Starting service process "OpenMCU" v2.2.1
> Daemon started with pid 22429
> Could not write pid to file "/var/run/" - Permission denied
> [root EICPU1065 ~]# 2009/10/23 19:08:55.987                   
> OpenMCU    Debug3    H323    Created endpoint.
> 2009/10/23 19:08:55.987               H323 Cleaner    Debug3    H323   
> Started cleaner thread
> 2009/10/23 19:08:55.990                    OpenMCU    Fatal error   
> Main    Could not open H.323 Listener
> 2009/10/23 19:08:55.996                    OpenMCU    Fatal error   
> Cannot run without HTTP port: Address already in use

openmcu is not maintained by ekiga developers.  Use
<opalvoip-user lists sourceforge net> instead.

However, looking into the output, it seems you cannot write into
/var/run directory, but this is strange, as you are root.


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