Re: [Ekiga-list] no audio/video with counterpart on line

* Eugen Dedu <Eugen Dedu pu-pm univ-fcomte fr> [231009, 21:55]:
> Ennio-Sr wrote:
> > Hi all!
> > 
> > I convinced my son to download ekiga for win$ows a few weeks ago and
> .... 
> Maybe you are hit by "larger than 1500 bytes packet" bug.  Try calling
> 500 ekiga net after removing a few unused codecs (for ex., check on only
> PCMA, PCMU, H261, all the other checked off).  If still does not work,
> send us the -d 4 output gzipped.
Hi Eugen,
yesterday I did as you suggest: my accounts were registered but could
not get an answer from 500 ekiga net (neither could I make a call using
diamond.card account). (see encl. err_eki23oct.gz)
Aa few mnutes ago I tried again, but I could not register! (see encl.

> On windows machine, does calling 500 work?

No, I just asked my son (using win$owz) to test: he cold registered
after a few attempts, but could not do the echo test!

P:S: My post is being halted for being too-large: I'll try to send
separately the two attachments hoping they get through.......

OK, the smaller passed, the second (with attached err_eki23oct.gz) is
still waiting for approval...
[Why use Win$ozz (I say) if ... "even a fool can do that.          \\?//
 Do something you aren't good at!" (as Henry Miller used to say)]  (°|°)
Regards, Ennio.                                                     )=(

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