Re: [Ekiga-list] DNS names

> bnc netspeed com au wrote:
> > Damien,
> >> Le vendredi 02 octobre 2009 à 15:54 +1000, bnc netspeed com au a
> >> écrit :
> >>> Eugen,
> >>> A further thought, does Ekiga issue a dns request for each number
> >>> you have in the phone list, at startup?
> >> It will try to determine if the contact is available or not. So it
> >> will send a SIP message for each of them. I thought there was a
> >> cache in ptlib though.
> >>
> > Ok, I think that explains the flood of dns requests.
> > Not sure why you would want to do that though, can't it be done when
> > you place a call?
> When you start ekiga, it tries to obtain the status of each contact
> (Available, busy etc.), and it seems that is the problem.
> > If ptlib is supposed to stop it do I have to set something?
> No, it's just ptlib seems not to have such a cache.
Ok, as most of my contacts are not of the form that can have their
status verified, there is no point to this feature in my case.
Is there some way I can turn it off?


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