Re: [Ekiga-list] Same ekiga binary on 2 HDDs one shows H.264 support the other not(!!!).


ldd merely executes the binary file and observes what libraries it tries to load on startup. If some of the libraries are dynamicly plugged in later, ldd won't show them. I guess this is the case with x264. Besides, Ekiga may be using some infrastructure project like Gstreamer to provide H.264 support. On such an occasion it won't even need to load x264 libraries, as it would rely on Gstreamer to provide a codec.

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2009/10/9 Luis Maceira <luis_a_maceira yahoo com>

I made a copy of ekiga 3.2.5 binary to other HDD.

With the command :     ldd ekiga   

the needed libraries are present (including x264) on both HDDs,the same command does not show any missing library on both disks,but H.264 is supported in the binary on the HDD where it was compiled,but not with the exact copy on another HDD.

So,are there any dependency not directly expressed by the package management system but crucial for ekiga to see x264 as a working library?

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