Re: [Ekiga-list] The download link

Mark T. B. Carroll wrote:
> Bill Collins <billcollins1 2007 gmail com> writes:
>> I guess it might also be nice if what version of Ekiga works on which
>> version / distro of linux.
>> Hope I'm not out of line. Still waiting for a good release for 8.04.
> Mmmm, I've been hoping for Debian packaging of 3.2.6 to come out to see
> if it fixes my outstanding issues. I've started wondering if it would
> work well enough to try to use the Ubuntu packages on a Debian system
> (lenny or squeeze or what); I've not tried that for Ekiga before.

Hi Mark,

Me too I would like to see if your bug is fixed.  ptlib and opal have
just been uploaded, it will take,
based on history, 2-5 days to appear in debian together with ekiga 3.2.6.


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