[Ekiga-list] The download link

Ladies and gentlemen!

Let's play a little quiz. Which of these methods takes you to download
latest Ekiga for Windows?

A) Go to ekiga.net, click on "download" under "To get started"

B) Go to ekiga.org, click on "download" under "Ekiga 3.20 available!"
and "To get started":
Still no.

C) Idem, click on "downloads" on the main page

D) Click on "Download Ekiga!" under "Get Ekiga!"
Gimme a break...

E) Go to "Documentation and FAQ", click "WIKI", then "Download Ekiga"
near "For Windows"
Yes!! Correctamundo.

Now the million dollar question. Do you folks or do you not want people
to download ekiga?

Sorry to sound so much ironical. But this is how things have been since
at least from the beginning of the year and I guess it's about time
someone *pretty please with a sugar on top* goddamn put the download
link where it oughta be.

With regards and thanks for otherwise fine software.

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