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Bill Collins a écrit :
> On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 6:08 AM, yannick <sevmek free fr> wrote:
>> Michal Svoboda a écrit :
>>> Ladies and gentlemen!
>>> Let's play a little quiz. Which of these methods takes you to download
>>> latest Ekiga for Windows?
>>> A) Go to, click on "download" under "To get started"
>>> EEEK. No.
>>> B) Go to, click on "download" under "Ekiga 3.20 available!"
>>> and "To get started":
>>> Still no.
>>> C) Idem, click on "downloads" on the main page
>>> Naaa.
>>> D) Click on "Download Ekiga!" under "Get Ekiga!"
>>> Gimme a break...
>>> E) Go to "Documentation and FAQ", click "WIKI", then "Download Ekiga"
>>> near "For Windows"
>>> Yes!! Correctamundo.
>>> Now the million dollar question. Do you folks or do you not want people
>>> to download ekiga?
>>> Sorry to sound so much ironical. But this is how things have been since
>>> at least from the beginning of the year and I guess it's about time
>>> someone *pretty please with a sugar on top* goddamn put the download
>>> link where it oughta be.
>>> With regards and thanks for otherwise fine software.
>> Indeed. I'm working on fixing this, hopefully in a few weeks (maybe
>> days...I'm quite busy with my paid job :( ) Sorry for the inconvenience.
>> I'll keep people informed here.
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> I guess it might also be nice if what version of Ekiga works on which
> version / distro of linux.
> Hope I'm not out of line. Still waiting for a good release for 8.04.
> Bill

Well, I have postponed my work on packaging for 8.04 until I finish the
work on but in the meantime, I will give a try
from time to time when I get some time. For now I stuck with ptlib, I
need to move the file resulting from the compilation manually (in rules
with some mv) in the package (not a big deal but will take a few
time...). In short I'm working on it, but really slowly...

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