Re: [Ekiga-list] Compilation failure in 3.2.4

Joseph Comfort wrote:
On Mon, 25 May 2009, Eugen Dedu wrote:

Joseph Comfort wrote:
On Mon, 25 May 2009, Eugen Dedu wrote:

Damien Sandras wrote:
Le samedi 23 mai 2009 à 15:59 -0700, Joseph Comfort a écrit :
I am hitting compilation errors with the latest v3.2.4. I got through
ICE reported earlier by upgrading the gcc packages to v4.4 (from SuSE

Now I have the errors:
../../../../lib/engine/components/opal/opal-account.cpp: In member
function ‘void Opal::Account::on_edit_form_submitted(bool,

../../../../lib/engine/components/opal/opal-account.cpp:438: error:
exception handling disabled, use -fexceptions to enable
make[6]: *** [opal-account.lo] Error 1

I compiled the ptlib and opal libraries OK.  As I recall,
is used for opal.  Is there now a conflict?  How do I make a change
without editing every Makefile?

My goal is to get a working ekiga version on SuSE 11.1 (with KDE 3.5),
a 64-bit machine.  It has been total frustration.  Version 3.0.1 that
comes with the system does not transmit sound either direction.  I
and installed rpms for ekiga v3.2.4, and relevant libraries, from the
build service.  Execution immediately gave a segmentation fault.

It seems that your gcc is configured to not accept exceptions in C++
code. That is pretty weird. Check your default gcc configuration.
No, this is a gcc 4.4 problem, for sure.

There are about ten files which use exceptions, I think they have the same
problem (grep 'catch *(' softs/ekiga/ekiga-svn/ -r).

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No, it's not that simple.  The gcc man page says that, if the exceptions
option is not specified, then GCC will normally enable it for g++ and
disable it for gcc. However, -fno-exceptions gets specified by the configuration files
(including the ptlib.pc file) for the compilations (including g++) of
ptlib-2.6.2, opal-3.6.2, and ekiga-3.2.4.  The compilation failure in ekiga
is with g++, but it has explicitly been told 'no-exceptions'. The opal
routine it was trying to use was also made with 'no-exceptions'.

It looks like gcc4.4 is doing what it is told to do.
Sorry, it was I meant: it is a g++-4.4 specificity (not problem).

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OK. But my original question is how to get ekiga3.2.4 to compile? I was forced to go to gcc 4.4 to get around an internal compiler failure reported earlier. How did anyone get ekiga to compile if exceptions are not allowed but at least 10 files use exceptions?

Well, wait a bit, someone is already working on that issue...


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