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Dotan Cohen wrote:
1) If the user looks for "ekiga" via google, then the url is for some reason. What is that? (Yes, _I_ know, but
should I have to explain that to potential users?). If the user types
in then she arrives at Redirect? That scares
Windows users, who suspect malware and trickery. In my Windows days, I
would have left right here.

I propose to empty this web site, i.e. remove the redirection, so that this website is empty, so that it disappears from google. gnomemeeting is already old.

2) "Downloads: Choose your distribution below and start downloading."
What is a distribution? How do I download this? Where is the big green
"download here" animated GIF?

3) If the user happens to find the Windows link (and even knows that
is what she needs) then she gets a page with no files to download! She
will _not_ open the README file to find what she needs!

4) If the user actually did find and open the README file under
Windows downloads, the file contains this single line of text (no
Please download from :

5) If the user actually follows the hyperlink then she goes to an
Apache directory listing. This is what she sees:
[   ] ekiga-setup-3.0.1beta-7144.exe  02-Oct-2008 23:08   18M
[   ] ekiga-setup-3.0.1beta-7144d.exe 02-Oct-2008 23:05   61M
[   ] ekiga-setup-3.0.1beta-7205.exe  14-Oct-2008 20:31   18M
[   ] ekiga-setup-3.0.1beta-7205d.exe 14-Oct-2008 20:31   61M
[   ] ekiga-setup-3.0.2beta-7300.exe  30-Oct-2008 21:33   22M
[   ] ekiga-setup-3.0.2beta-7300d.exe 30-Oct-2008 21:30   65M
[   ] ekiga-setup-3.0.2beta-7316.exe  02-Nov-2008 09:49   22M
[   ] ekiga-setup-3.0.2beta-7316d.exe 02-Nov-2008 09:59   65M

Which one should she click on? How much further do you think she is
going to get?

I agree with you. The problem is that we are still in the middle of transition having started long ago. is more beautiful and only one person can change it (so secure), but nearly all the pages are obsolete, while has practically all the information (and is community-based). Someone proposed to change mediawiki in drupal (in the wiki site) and integrate web site too. That would finish the transition and all the problems.

Of course, you are free to comment on the wiki web site too :o)


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