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> I just wanted to comment on the fact that unlike Skype,  Ekiga uses real
> VoIP protocols. Skype, on the other hand, uses a proprietary protocol
> that forces everyone to use Skype. If you use Ekiga, then your friends
> doesn't necessarily need to use Ekiga. They can use any real VoIP
> client capable of SIP or H.323, be it a softphone or a physical phone, like
> ones from Cisco.
> I really don't understand why anyone would want to submit to Skype, seeing
> how they're more expensive than their competitors in many countries, and
> cannot even provide connections to the "real" telephony networks in many
> countries. Not to mention the fact that they use force to keep their
> customers from choosing other service providers.
> In my experience, once people are made aware of these issues, they're not
> so hesitant about switching to real internet telephony services which are free
> and also gives you the freedom of choice.

The problem is that people just don't care. Skype is easy to set up,
works well, and is reasonable affordable. Add to that a large userbase
and that is all the reason people need. You may be part of a thinking
elite, but do not assume that people use Skype because of reason. They
use it because it is easy to use and their friends already use it.

That said, please do not hijack this thread into an anti-Skype thread.
I would like to help resolve the issues mentioned so that we can help
people move to Ekiga from Skype. You are preaching to the choir here,
and cluttering the thread.

Dotan Cohen

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